Strengthing Capacity in a Mission-Based Bakery
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Greyston Bakery
1 May 2019
Greyston Bakery

Operating in Yonkers, New York since in 1982, Greyston Bakery is known for Open Hiring™, the practice of filling jobs without a traditional interview process in order to create opportunities for those who have been kept out of the workforce. Additionally, they operate the Greyston Foundation, which funds low-income housing, day care, and a medical center for those affected by AIDS – all in Yonkers.

KK&P’s Good People division, led by Dick Batten, was retained to conduct an organizational assessment of both the bakery and their foundation in order increase effectiveness in the context of growth. A series of recommendations were developed as a result of these assessments regarding staffing, capacity building, and goal setting that are currently in the process of being implemented.

Following this work, KK&P has also been hired to recruit various senior-level positions within the organization.