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8 May 2020

KK&P: 2006-2010: Why KK&P Added a Good People Division

KK&P’s Good People division is unique among food systems consultancies. Here’s how it got started. Read More.

KK&P: 2001-2005: When the “Local Foods” Movement Really Started Happening

Karen Karp and Senior Consultant Shayna Cohen reflect on 2001-2005 in KK&P’s history, including Karen’s return to the U.S., and the beginning of the local food movement in this country. Read More.

Karen Karp and Teresa Lynch Discuss Economic Development in the Food Industry

Karen Karp recently spoke with economist Teresa Lynch about their collaboration over the past decade, how it started, why it’s unique, and how it delivers value to our clients. Read More.

KK&P History

KK&P 1996 – 2000: A Short Stint in England Informs & Shapes KK&P’s Work for Decades to Come

Founder Karen Karp talks about her decision to pursue graduate school in England, expanding KK&P’s work further up the food supply chain and more in this look back at the company’s history. Read More.

A Look at the Early Years of KK&P (1990-1995)

Karen Karp talks about the history of KK&P, her motivation for starting the company and the work still left to do. Read More.

Karen Karp & Partners Celebrates 30 Years in Business

This May we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of Karen Karp & Partners. Read More.