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covid-19 and restaurants
1 September 2020
KK&P President Karen Karp reflects on why the pandemic disrupted our food system, the challenging road to revitalization and what a sustainable future for restaurants could look like.
30 July 2020
Founder Karen Karp talks about her decision to pursue graduate school in England, expanding KK&P's work further up the food supply chain and more in this look back at the company's history.
29 July 2020
The University of Rhode Island and Community College of Rhode Island are working with industry leaders to develop new courses, professional certifications, and a two-year Associate’s degree program focused on agriculture, food systems, and plant-based industries.
27 July 2020
KK&P recently worked with Hudson Valley Fisheries and Hudson Valley AgriBusiness Development Corporation to research opportunities in and approaches to value-added processing for inland aquaculture.
30 June 2020
Karen Karp talks about the history of KK&P, her motivation for starting the company and the work still left to do.
5 June 2020
As the events of the past weeks have unfolded – the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, which are only the most recent killings in an unconscionable history of racist violence; the subsequent protests calling for justice and meaningful structural change; and the federal administration’s response – we at KK&P have felt...
26 May 2020
Over the past six years, food business incubator Hope & Main has helped aspiring food entrepreneurs from a variety of means and backgrounds launch and scale their businesses by providing shared-use kitchens and equipment, technical and educational programs, and a community of peers and mentors. KK&P Senior Consultant Ben Kerrick recently spoke with Founder Lisa Raiola about how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting Hope & Main, how her member businesses are adapting, and her hopes for the food system.
27 April 2020
Months before the coronavirus crisis hit, KK&P began working with JMF to design a special new initiative that would support the New England region’s food system. As the Covid-19 crisis emerged and escalated, we quickly pivoted with JMF to guide the development of the New England Food System Resilience Fund, which recently awarded $347,000 in grants to 11 organizations as the first part of a new initiative aimed at strengthening the New England food system. 
26 March 2020
We know that this newsletter is crossing your desks at a time of great challenges and upheaval. The coronavirus outbreak and our national, local, organizational, community and personal efforts to contain or slow it are causing massive—in many cases unprecedented— disruptions.
26 March 2020
A month ago, we would not have been able to comprehend the world we are living in today—a global crisis we may have believed could happen, but which we still could not (or would not) dare to imagine.
19 February 2020
In the summer of 2019, the Rhode Island Food Policy Council asked KK&P to execute the first phase of a feasibility study and conceptual plan for new investment in the state’s seafood processing capacity.
22 January 2020
Last month, the Town of Unicoi, TN, adopted a new strategic plan for Mountain Harvest Kitchen (MHK), the town’s food business incubator and shared kitchen. The strategy, which will guide the program’s development for the next five years, is the outcome of a planning process led by KK&P.