SUNY Adirondack Aims to Increase Food & Ag Education
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25 October 2016

SUNY Adirondack, a public college in upstate NY that serves Washington, Saratoga and Warren counties, asked KK&P to explore food and agriculture educational opportunities in a goal to expand its reach in Washington County.

After interviewing area stakeholders in the fields of agriculture, food and education, KK&P suggested the development of a new Center for Agriculture and Food Education at SUNY Adirondack. The proposed Center would build on existing SUNY programs and add kitchen1components to serve the needs of Washington County residents working in agriculture. Additionally, the Center would target the county’s growing tourism and agritourism industries, and work to educate and serve the public health needs of the county.

The goal of the Center would be to reach beyond the SUNY Adirondack campus, and into the Washington County population. The Center would serve as a hub of information, education, community networking, and tourism related to food, agriculture, and culinary medicine. This outreach will broaden SUNY’s presence in Washington County, and strengthen the school’s food, agriculture and health related offerings. Additionally, it would integrate more community programming in order to meet the current and projected needs of students, and area residents.