Hands on Hartford’s New Home Offers Great Potential
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28 October 2016

Hands on Hartford, a CT-based social services non-profit, recently moved into a new building that had once housed a restaurant. As an organization focused on, among other things, hunger relief and food oriented services, they wanted to explore how to leverage the kitchen and cafe space to support their mission to “change lives and renew human possibility”. In mid 2016, Hands on Hartford hoh2engaged KK&P to develop recommendations for integrating cafe services as well as to craft community programming to suit its new space.

With the hope that its new Center for Community would become just that – a hub of activity and a community asset for the area of Parkville – Hands on Hartford thought a cafe could be a solid anchor strategy towards pursuing their goals.

KK&Ps final recommendations included diverse uses for community events, a unique approach to value-added foods for the Hands On Hartford food pantry, kitchen rentals for food entrepreneurs, and a community café – all of which could be pursued through collaboration with community partners. We provided them with a detailed implementation plan and a pro forma tool to project revenue and expenses for the multipronged program. This collaborative visioning has hopefully laid the groundwork for future success with the kitchen and cafe.