KK&P’s ‘Good People are Good Business’ Recruits New Farm Leader for Glynwood in the Hudson Valley
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20 September 2019
Photo: Glynwood Center for Regional Food and Farming
Photo: Glynwood Center for Regional Food and Farming

You’re as likely to find Lynda Prim, the new Senior Director of Glynwood’s Farm, working in the fields with resident farmers as behind a computer developing a marketing campaign. She’s both an experienced hands-on farmer and a bridge-building program manager. At the idyllic 225-acre historic estate and farm nestled in a hilly area of Putnam County, New York, Lynda uses these skills to promote Glynwood’s mission of ensuring that the Hudson Valley is a region where farming thrives and farmers prosper, where food entrepreneurs flourish, where residents are nourished, and where visitors are inspired.

In the summer of 2018, Karen Karp & Partners recruited for the position of Senior Director of Glynwood’s Farm, a job that requires a unique set of skills and experiences as well as a deep commitment to the organization’s mission. As a member of Glynwood’s Leadership Team, the Senior Director plays a critical role in advancing the nonprofit’s experiential farmer Apprentice Program, oversees all Farmer Training Programs, and chairs the newly formed Hudson Valley Farmer Training Collaborative, while also supervising the Livestock and Vegetable Production Managers and Director of Farm Stewardship. Lynda’s most important role is to create a long range farm plan to make Glynwood Farm and Farmer Training Programs innovative and resilient into the future.

The KK&P recruiting approach centers on development of a nuanced and appealing job posting and a well-crafted strategy for getting the word out, including outreach to our extensive contacts and networks. Throughout the recruiting process, the KK&P team focuses on due diligence from multi-staged interviews (telephone and in-person), reference and background checks, close collaboration with the hiring team, and careful cultivation of the strongest candidates. Our process doesn’t end with the hire: our team provides regular coaching sessions with successful candidates during the first three months of employment to ensure their success.

Lynda has worked with farms around the country for more than thirty years, primarily in the non-profit sector, providing sustainable and organic agriculture program development, farmer training, and daily hands-on farm management. Over the years she’s developed and provided education on organic and regenerative vegetable, fruit, and crop production systems; farming for resilience; integrating crop and livestock production systems; new entry and farmer-to-farmer training; market development for direct sales, retail, value chain, and food enterprises; and farm business planning. In addition to her strong focus on the people and the culture of agriculture, as a farm manager, Lynda also brings to Glynwood her extensive hands-on experience with equipment, infrastructure, and all agronomic aspects of crop and livestock production systems.

We’re looking forward to seeing Lynda and Glynwood continue to ensure that farming and farmers flourish in the Hudson Valley.