From designing regional sourcing strategies and sustainability plans to developing cutting-edge food curricula, we customize our approach to changing the food environment in your communities, marketplaces, or within your own organizations.

Food System Planning
We begin each project with a simple question: What problem are we trying to solve? Whether your food system is a region, a neighborhood, an organization, or even a building, we work with you to carefully envision and articulate your food system objectives to set the course for a successful journey together. Our rigorous research methods and ground-tested approaches generate truly innovative and collaborative solutions. Business plans Mapping and data visualization Funding strategies
Supply Chain Strategies
Local, healthy, and sustainable: we sort through the clutter to align definitions with product availability, cost, and your organization’s culture. Our strategies create purchasing precision, reducing costs through a process of assessment, adjustment, improvement and re-assessment, for simple and complex supply chains. Strategic and sustainable sourcing Local food procurement Retooling retail and manufacturing
Business & Program Development
We integrate both short-term and long-term strategies to devise comprehensive plans for businesses, nonprofits, and educational programs. We map out your opportunities and create a phased and pragmatic approach to achieving your objectives. Concept development Market assessment and feasibility studies Strategic planning
Stakeholder Engagement
With an unparalleled professional network and expertise in bridging sectors and constituencies, we approach complex problems through a diversity of viewpoints, resources and approaches. We curate the right stakeholders to support moving your vision forward. We enable and facilitate dynamic dialogues that result in new collaborative partnerships. Partner identification Network development Facilitation
Recruiting & Performance Management
Organizational effectiveness and success come from building a strong and stable structure, establishing clear and achievable objectives, hiring the right people, and keeping those people motivated, engaged and focused. Our collaborative approach is targeted to create customized, specific solutions that build human capital while defining and achieving organizational and professional success. Organizational assessments Full service recruitment Performance management and development services
Education & Events
KK&P designs revolutionary food- and agriculture-focused education and events that are as diversified as the food cluster, making sense of our intricate food system and the complicated problems the industry hopes to solve. We employ our collaborative research methods to conceptualize, plan, and execute multi-layered curricula, convenings, and learning experiences. Convening design and execution Experiential learning Curriculum development