KK&P Client Spotlight: Open Door Health Care Workers Continue To Fight COVID-19
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3 September 2020

Integrating health services like family medicine, prenatal care, podiatry, school-based health, optometry, women’s health, behavioral health and dental care is uncommon around the U.S., but it is an essential part of Open Door’s mission. Its 500 employees work tirelessly to provide some of the best care around to the Westchester and Putnam county communities and are constantly working to elevate the services they provide for their patients. 

KK&P is proud to have worked with Open Door for seven years developing its HR strategy and leading its implementation as well as providing advice and executive coaching to support the organizational growth.

Open Door not only meets but consistently exceeds national benchmarks for patient health outcomes. Here are some of the highlights from 2019:

  • During a time when it can be challenging to find and receive affordable health care, Open Door has worked hard to provide health care access for its patients. 
  • 72 percent of Open Door patients diagnosed with diabetes have the disease under control. The national average is 70 percent.
  • 72 percent of Open Door patients with high blood pressure have it under control. The national average is 44 percent.
  • 95 percent of Open Door newborns are born within a normal birth weight range. The national average is 90 percent.
  • 94 percent of Open Door children ages 5 to 18 with persistent asthma have it under control. The national average is 83 percent.

Open Door goes above and beyond to help the communities it serves outside its centers’ walls.  In 2019, for instance, the organization distributed 200,000 lbs. of food to community members and offered nutritional coaching and cooking classes. 

KK&P has been able to support this work by helping Open Door recruit and retain employees who are at the heart of the organization. Over the past seven years, KK&P has developed and implemented Open Door’s compensation and benefits strategy, designed and led the on-boarding, retention, development and talent management initiatives and worked to strengthen Open Door’s performance management system as well as designed and conducted capacity-building workshops for supervisory management. 

Good health affects everyone, and Open Door believes that helping one person, regardless of their ability to pay, lifts an entire community. The organization hopes to continue to expand to new communities and enrich its offerings in 2020 and beyond.