Hired: Meet Two of KK&P’s Latest Recruits for Greyston Foundation and Bakery
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13 August 2019

KK&P recently filled two positions: Lucas Tanner as Greyston Foundation Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Sarah Striebling as Greyston Bakery Director of Quality and Research & Development (R&D)

At their bakery in southwest Yonkers, Greyston produces more than 40,000 pounds of brownies each day. The Greyston Foundation provides not only the chance for individuals to overcome barriers that are keeping them from finding and maintaining employment, but also access to critically needed supportive services, such as child care, housing and mental health services. 

To find the right candidate for the COO position, KK&P searched for a talented, experienced, focused COO, capable of overseeing Finance, PathMaking Programs, The Greyston Bakery, Human Resources, Information Technology, Facilities, and Administration. We knew the COO would need to be able to play a critical role in leading the organization through the next level of significant growth.

His strong financial, operational and entrepreneurial background made Lucas Tanner an ideal candidate for the position. With past positions as the President/CFO of Research Measurement Technologies, President/CFO of Horse Network, and CFO of Real.org and BidKind, Tanner brings the experience necessary to help Greyston grow combined with a hands-on personality and interpersonal skills that will be excellent assets to the Greyston leadership. 

In searching for a Director of Quality and R&D, through our extensive network KK&P sought a detail oriented, innovative candidate that could assure the consistent high quality of current Greyston Bakery products while also leading research and development on future products.

Sarah Striebling was a Principal Food Scientist and Technical Project Leader at Unilever, one of Greyston’s customers.  With 10 years of experience managing teams and a background in quality assurance, food safety and manufacturing, Striebling had the skills needed to excel at the Greyston position. She also had recently worked with chef, marketing, supply chain and manufacturing teams to develop new products from the initial concept to commercialization. But what made Striebling really stand out was her passion for all things food. She fell in love with baking during culinary school and also works with the Icing Smiles’ Charity. Her interests align with Greyston’s purpose driven mission.