KK&P Hosts Future of Food & Health Webinar
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8 December 2016

“I imagine a day when we don’t have to state the obvious interconnection between food and health — that it just is.”screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-9-20-19-am

The above statement was made by a participant at our November 2016 “Future of Food and Health” Salon, and catalyzed nearly four hours of discussion about innovation and interconnection to advance the vision of healthy people and communities.

Our salon brought together a group of experts spanning a number of fields, including medicine, finance, education, community health, and consumer packaged goods. In discussing the future of food and health, the salon attendees uncovered a number of topics that illustrated the need for greater information sharing between sectors in order for food to be used as an effective mechanism for improving health outcomes.

In addition to these information gaps, changes to healthcare funding, consumer demands, and policy all will affect the future of food and health.

Join KK&P for a webinar exploring our discussion’s themes and next steps for using food as a method of improving health and wellness in the United States.

View webinar deck here.