Karen Karp Joins Food Future Advisory Board
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28 March 2016

Food Future logoKaren Karp has joined the advisory board of Food Future, Inc. A scale-up accelerator and lab, Food Future identifies and fuels growth for established, yet small, companies with serious potential. Food Future helps growing startups (typically with $2 – 10 million in annual revenues) to move from established early product-market phase to mainstreaming their products.

Food Future’s focus is in the following food-related areas: agriculture, food & beverage, health & wellness, cleantech & green tech. Food Future supports companies with scale-up business models through consulting, lab, global distribution, alternative financing, operation scaling, and financial exit.

Food Future, Inc. & Pioneer Next connects companies with its deep and expanding network of advisors, including Dan Barber, Laurent Gras, Dorothy Hamilton, Janet Hawkes, David McInerney, and Urvashi Rangan.

Food Future’s program provides growing companies with

  • financing design and network, including alternative financing, long-term investment strategy, creative debt financing
  • thought leadership in marketing and branding
  • distribution partnerships and alternative distribution channels
  • production strategy on sourcing, formulation and co-packing
  • financial exit strategy, acquisitions, roll-up, IPOs
  • governance structure design, formation of advisory boards, councils, etc.
  • organizational and operating model design, recruit and maintain talent, build systems, processes and tools to scale


For more information, please visit Food Future, Inc.