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Eat Lancet
31 January 2019
by Karen Karp I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of the EAT-Lancet Commission report on healthy diets from sustainable food systems. “Food in the Anthropocene” provides the first scientific targets that integrate the earth’s carrying capacity for agriculture production in concert with a recommended diet that is considered healthy and that can be sustained within...
Karen Karp discusses Women in Agriculture
Eating City
30 May 2017
“Gastronomy Facing Sustainability: How new recipes should help to reduce food waste & loss and drive our food habits towards sustainability & health.” We are pleased to announce the 5th “Eating City Summer Campus”, inviting 28 participants aged 22-32, working & studying around food sustainability: Chefs, Food Procurement Officers, Farmers & Fisherman, and Foodies from...
9 January 2017
Increasing the use of sustainable practices and scaling production are long-range goals for regional meat networks. Livestock producers and processors encounter challenges meeting the growing demand from consumers for higher-quality meat. KK&P’s meat industry-related projects focus on leveraging existing assets and increasing opportunities for small farmers to grow into their regional demand and accomplish goals...