Welcoming KK&P’s New Associate Consultants 
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23 September 2022

This summer, KK&P welcomed three new freelance associate consultants to the company. These associate consultants are vital to our work, helping us to conduct research, engage with stakeholders, analyze dynamics and trends relevant to our clients, and develop actionable recommendations.

Please join us in welcoming Matthew Lichty, Arielle Lofton, and Clare Zutz.

Matthew Lichty

Matthew grew up detasseling corn as a kid in Iowa. He has a wealth of experience working on various small produce farms, and is about to move onto a farm with his partner where they’ll grow perennial crops such as hazelnuts, acorns, many kinds of fruits, and basketry willow.

Passionate about numbers and visualizing information, prior to joining KK&P, Matthew worked as a data analyst for the University of Michigan, IPM Institute of North America, and WPS Health Solutions.

At the IPM Institute of  North America, Matthew’s work focused on analyzing data on pesticide usage, worker welfare, ecotoxicology, and greenhouse gas emissions. 

Matthew brings his skills in data analysis and insights to KK&P. His current focus is KK&P’s second engagement with the Appalachian Regional Commission, exploring the dynamics of food insecurity across Appalachia.

“I’m looking forward to using my data analysis skills to help understand and improve food systems, while keeping enough of my free time for foraging and growing food,” Matthew said. “KK&P lines up perfectly with my values. interests, and expertise.”

Arielle Lofton

An alumna of The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, Arielle brings years of experience in restaurant operations, hospitality, and culinary arts to KK&P.

A student at the School of Professional Studies at George Washington University (GWU) majoring in Sustainable Urban Planning, Arielle has a passion for creating sustainable, equitable, healthy places for people to live and enjoy.

At GWU, she has gained experience in supporting wildlife and environmental conservation efforts with geographic information systems (GIS), community engagement through helping manage a county-wide community garden program, and providing technical assistance and research for projects focused on transportation and land-use development initiatives. 

“I’m always excited about working on food systems related work, and currently I’m looking forward to learning more about the business and supply-chain side of food systems,” Arielle said. “We have so many different types of projects going on at once, and I feel really privileged to learn from and be a part of this amazing team.”

Clare Zutz

Clare Zutz is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Texas at Austin. There, her research has focused on interrogating collaborative food systems planning to help support the future. With work experience in philanthropy, academia, and local government, Clare brings a nuanced approach to addressing complex and systemic issues. She views food systems as a lens to understand issues of equity and sustainability in regions across the United States.

Originally from Minneapolis but now based in Knoxville, Clare is excited by the diversity of the projects KK&P works on and the company’s deep commitment to food systems work.

At KK&P, Clare will focus first on the Sustainable, Equitable and Local Food Sourcing Project with the County of San Diego. 

“Public dollars for public good is a win-win,” says Clare.

She brings a positive, highly collaborative attitude to her work and is deeply invested in improving our food system.