How KK&P and Our Clients are Responding to COVID-19
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26 March 2020
KK&P client West Side Campaign Against Hunger, one of the largest emergency food providers in New York City, has nimbly adjusted operations to include pre-bagged emergency food distributions and outdoor service, to adhere to social distancing guidelines and minimize potential coronavirus transmission. To learn more about WSCAH, including how to support their work, please visit their website. Photo: courtesy of WSCAH.

We know that this newsletter is crossing your desks at a time of great challenges and upheaval. The coronavirus outbreak and our national, local, organizational, community and personal efforts to contain or slow it are causing massive—in many cases unprecedented—disruptions.

Our education sector clients are racing to develop online or alternate remote learning strategies, paired with strategies for providing meals to students who urgently depend on them. Our production, distribution and manufacturing sector clients are struggling to respond to volatile market shifts, while congregate and institutional meal programs close their doors and retail demand booms unevenly as citizens rush to stock their larders. Our clients who support small food businesses are pivoting rapidly to help these vulnerable businesses survive as cities and states around the country put a pause on hospitality and so many other sectors. Our emergency food sector partners are ramping up operational capacity in anticipation of increased need, while also overhauling operations to minimize the potential for contagion-spreading among their clients, staff, volunteers, and stakeholders.

At KK&P, we’re connecting and working with our clients to advance our projects remotely, adapt their programs, re-focus their resources, and rebuild their systems in a way that addresses emerging and ever-shifting conditions while honoring and keeping a strong, focused eye on their longstanding, deep-rooted goals.