Architecture, Development, and Placemaking
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KK&P works with developers, architects, planners, non-profits, and governmental agencies to provide a range of tailored services that leverage the potential of food business to support the revenue and placemaking goals of each project.

That value may be earned revenue, an amenity, a community service, a neighborhood meeting point, or building regional food economies (to name a few). KK&P helps its clients determine and define what that value is—a vision for what the host site, operator, and consumer experiences will be in the space—and then develops strategies to augment that vision with a unique value based on KK&P’s deep food history, agriculture and culinary knowledge.

At their core, KK&P’s development and placemaking projects integrate food services or retail with public education, economic development, and/or environmental objectives.

The specific components of this area of our work is highly multi-disciplinary, encompassing interactions with the site and client that range from highly conceptual to pragmatic and operational. These are the typical services that KK&P provides in this context:

Concept Development: We will ascertain the landscape, determine needs, assess capacities, and develop the right concept for a space.

Primary and Secondary Research: We identify needs, opportunities, and pitfalls by interviewing key stakeholders and experts, and by reviewing data sets, existing research, journalism, and other sources.

Space Programming: We assist architectural teams in determining appropriate space sizes, orientations, and functions, and coordinating these with the requirements of the intended space usage.

Architecture and Real Estate Liaison: We act as a liaison between architecture/design teams and other stakeholders in such projects, including developers, funders, regulatory agencies, concessionaires, prospective tenants, and others.

Vendor Recruitment and Management: We will develop, issue, manage, and complete requests-for-proposal processes with a client team to deliver the best potential occupants and vendors for a given space and for the entity’s program goals.

Business Support Services: We can provide general guidance, business plan development, and specific technical assistance to future operators or prospective tenants of a space, in order to assure the highest possible chance of success.

We appreciate that these projects often require facility with technical material and language, and involve hard deadlines to move them towards permitting, approvals, funding, and construction. To achieve the client’s budget goals and project timetable we frequently collaborate with select subconsultants on key technical issues to meet architects’ deadlines and content needs.