Food Alone Can Not Solve Hunger: Beyond Food: The City of Tomorrow
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Food Alone Can Not Solve Hunger

Beyond Food: The City of Tomorrow


KK&P designed and facilitated City Harvest’s first Leadership Summit, a provocative and multidisciplinary day-long event that debated how to create a hunger-free city.

City Harvest, the world's first food rescue organization dedicated to helping to feed the 1.4 million New Yorkers facing hunger, and KK&P, a long time consultant to, and supporter of City Harvest, was challenged with the most interesting assignment to date: position City Harvest as a convener of leaders from across the U.S. on the very pressing question about the role of food in solving hunger.

Nearly a year to plan, City Harvest's inaugural Leadership Summit, which took place on Nov 9, 2015 at Apella in NYC. The Summit's goals was to concentrate thinking around how community and economic development can align around food for sustained community transformation.

KK&P designed the content development of the Summit, engaging speakers and experts from the food, philanthropy, policy sectors and business sectors to fine-tune the narrative arc of the event. To inspire "out of the box" thinking, KK&P curated a far-ranging collection of participatory art and culture events as break-out sessions, which allowed participants to use their right brains, artistic, writing and dance talents.

Featured speakers included Jilly Stephens, Jeff Madrick, Alison Arieff, Tom Colicchio, Alicia Glen, and JoAnne Berkenkamp, among others.

City Harvest has taken a long-term approach to fighting hunger by trying to address the underlying issues in urban environments. The Summit encouraged all participants to think "beyond hunger", to evolve their thinking about ways to elicit greater social change, and to consider non-traditional partnerships for greater effect.

Outcomes of CH's Inaugural Leadership Summit